CD Analysis

TASK 3 : CALL Program Assessment

There are Four CD’s For Teaching English with Games. There are:
1. Vocabulary
2. English Word
3. Learning English For Beginner : “Talk Now”
4. Speaking English For Intermediate : “Talk More”

From the fourth CD’s, we must obtain information about the five criteria in use, design and test CALL (Computer Assisted Language Learning) Program. There are :

1. Usability (Flexibility).
2. Content Appropriateness.
3. Interactivity ( Feedback and Instruction).
4. Effectiveness.
5. Performance (Attractiveness)

This CD contain of several Vocabularies English Games, there are: Balloonz, Haunted House, Bats and Stuntman.

The Strengths :
• These games are very interesting
• These games are very attractive
• These games are enjoyable and useful
• The games can avoid the boring situation for the student
• The games very fun, challenging and can train the fast accuracy of thinking.
• The students get some new vocabulary from the picture and color.

The Weaknesses :
 The new vocabulary is not easy for kids
 The time to get answer is too fast
 Level of the game should be easy, medium and difficult.
 The vocabulary should be more variety and suitable with the level
This CD contain of several games that are very interesting, attractive, easy and fun especially for kids and young learners. There are : Roadhog, Rescue. Night search and Frozen Food.

The Strengths :
• This game is easier, especially for children.
• The student can choose at every level appropriate vocabulary with which they want to play.
• These games provide simple vocabularies and easy to remember.
• These games can make the students memorize and improve their memory in three ways in the same time, name, place and color.
• This is very challenging games or students can quickly and precisely in putting something in the right place
• These games can improve language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing.
• There are the feedback or reward to the students who can get the right answer.
• The students can print the score they obtained in accordance with the answers they choose.

The Weaknesses :
 The time to do the games is too fast, especially for kids.
 It only can be used in personal computer.
 Level of the game should be easy, medium and difficult.

This CD is the most interesting one, because this CD is very complete and provide good materials which is very useful in learning English.

The Strengths :
• This CD provide a lot of categories, nice pictures and provide pronunciation.
• There are some topic : The Alphabet, Greetings, At the restaurant, Shopping, Getting around, At the hotel, On the phone, Emergencies, Leisure, Business and also Phrase that are very useful in learning English.
• There is a good step in these games in delivering the materials, from example, speaking practice, easy games and then hard games.
• Focus on one topic, and make the student easier to follow the games.
• The students can practice direct conversations
• The students can record the conversation
• The students can learn the wrong pronunciation by recording

The Weaknesses :
 These games are not attractive, not enjoyable even make the student bored easily.
 There is no written Instruction to make it easy for the user.
 These are only about speaking and listening.
 It doesn’t give to much challenge.
 The quiz to record no picture but only blank

This CD is for intermediate student, who already have four basic English skills. There are o lot of sentences provides in this CD which can train the student to make variety sentences.

The Strengths :
• This CD is very interesting, attractive, enjoyable and easy to follow and to learn.
• Provides nice picture, simple and very eye catching.
• These games provide some good example, using a good illustration and give the students the opportunity to increase their ability in speaking.
• Provides various style of language.
• The students can practice direct conversations
• The students can record the conversation
• The students can print the results of the game

The Weaknesses :
 Less written instruction at the beginning that make the student confuse when they are using it.
 Two different language style make the students confuse.
 Used the same CD as the CD for beginner
 Topic that is used is also the same as on CD for beginners


English learning program using CD is excellent for the development of English education, this CD can hone all language skills such as listening, speaking, reading and writing. learn English well is not just mastering the four skills but also how they can understand and comprehend the language itself, especially in daily practice. with games or a lot of things you can do to be more active, more creative, more easily and faster in learning the language. CD games also make language learning more interesting, more fun and easier.

The four CDs are teaching students with different learning methods in English. Although in this CD there are some advantages and also disadvantages in learning English. although this CD is still one good method of learning English language, especially with the games provided on CD this can make the students more interested to learn the language more deeply and better. with games in this CD the students can also learn while having fun without feeling hard to learn the language because it’s easier and fun with the game.


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